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    This Nixie product is so amazing. My skin has never been so soft. It now glows and I've had so many people comment xx I can't wait till the evening to put it on. I'm positive it helps me sleep better as I feel more relaxed.

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    I cannot use much on my skin. I have tried countless amounts of products and finally, I found this. I’m in my thirties and it’s taken so long to find a product that works with my skin! I have stocked up on the face and body oil - It smells amazing. I use it on my daughter's skin as she has skin issues and she loves it too! Thank you!

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    I'm absolutely obsessed with both products I can't get enough of them. I have 6 bottles of it each it's that good... my partner has got it for Valentine's Day, and Mothers Day and I treated myself to some in between.... the smell is beautiful 😍 and it leaves my skin and hair so soft - I will be ordering more very soon 😍

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    I’ve always had skin issues but now in my late 30’s my skin is this horrible combination of oily, dry & sensitive, and still rocks a regular break out 😩 Usually I am super apprehensive when trying new products on my face as even those recommended for sensitive skin seem to set my skin on fire. I was unsure about trying an oil but needed to try something new and boy was this the right product for me!! I’ve been using it for a few days now - not a reaction or break out in sight. It makes my skin feel amazing and gives it a super glow. And I love the feel on my body as well. It’s beautifully smoothing and has a gorgeous fresh & floral scent. Even the stubborn dry skin on my shoulders has gone. It’s also done wonders for my daughter's dry skin on her arms! I’m so impressed and would recommend this to everyone! 🥰

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    I just wanted to say how your Magic Ella Oil has been my life saver these last few weeks whilst suffering from really bad hay fever. Not only does it soothe and soften my skin (and around my eyes) without stinging, it seems to act as a barrier to the pollen!

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    Your Magic Ella Oil is amazing! We are currently on holiday in Mexico and have used it to soothe our sunburn. Omg nothing was touching the red parts or soothing it until we tried your oil which eased it straight away while keeping our skin hydrated. 

    I've got all my friends we have met out here on it and 7 days into the holiday we have used most of a full bottle between us all. We are recommending it to everyone too.

    Best get another order in ready for when we get home. 💗

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